About Us


Guangzhou Kunpo Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a mobile device protection provider that focuses on superior protection and stylish personalization for a wide range of fashionable electronics like the smart phones, tablets, consoles, wearable, notebook, Drones, E-cigarettes and etc. 

Oqunbo founders have spent more than 15 years in the phone accessories industry and have extensive experience. Since smart phones became daily mobile devices and tended to be more curve on the edges, which meant it gets damaged easily on both the display and phone back, we decided to find an advanced solution to protect our smart phones and mobile devices from daily wear and tear. So we studied all the cutting machines on the market and finally developed this cut-on-demand Oqunbo Scratch Protection technology. 

Our team has found the best protective materials, optimized the installation and made it easier to apply the screen protector. We took almost 2 year to prepare and officially launched the Oqunbo Cutito and MaxO in 2020, aiming to serve customers in Europe and the world with the best device protection and brilliant consumer experience. 

Oqunbo logo is a parrot, which implied meaning Oqunbo protection wrap your device to be as strong as parrot’s beak, and make it so beautiful like a parrot.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We’re committed to offering our customers amazing experience and good support. 


Provide indestructible Protection for Every Device.

Our unique products include Oqunbo Cutito, MaxO Screen Protector and MaxO Back Skin.

Oqunbo Makes the Most Advanced Customization System and the Best Screen Protector You’ve Ever Seen.